"Being heard and understood using Video-Mirroring™ is fun, engaging and effective."

Positive School Culture

Effective interruption of “bullying” in schools can decrease the level of violence between students, and lessen depression, anxiety and suicide for many young adults.

Launched in 2010, LiveKind™ represents an innovative approach to addressing the bullying epidemic in our schools. LiveKind™ supports a positive school culture and aims to significantly reduce bullying (defined as intentional meanness, aggression, and exclusion) through a cutting-edge methodology known as “Video-Mirroring™.” This approach engages students in conversations about bullying, empathy and kindness, drawing from their own life experiences. Student videos become teaching tools. Students connect with each other as they explore themes common to all students in schools, after-school programs, sports, clubs, and camps.

Honesty. Pain. Anger. Empathy.

Captured on video, these emotions reach our cores, teaching lessons that transcend textbooks and lectures.

This is LiveKind™ – a whole-school anti-bullying program that generates excitement and learning, where K-12 students take starring roles and their stories become the scripts, the conversation starters, and the lessons.

Imagine introducing the transformative power of video to schools and organizations that serve youth, helping them talk honestly and openly about mean behavior, cyber-bullying, and name-calling.

Envision kids fully engaged in making movies that depict anti-social roles and behaviors, as well as positive alternatives, guided through this process with solid curriculum and unique learning tools.

This program aims to dramatically improve a school’s psychological climate, to reduce aggression and increase empathy. When used with or without partnership with other school initiatives, LiveKind™ is a powerful tool in educators’ tool belts, to support their desire to create peaceful, productive classrooms and schools.

Real students. Real schools. Real Stories.

We hear their words, see their expressions, and watch their body language. Meanness hurts. Feelings matter. Behaviors can change.

Our passion to create positive change comes from our understanding that the failure to interrupt “bullying” in schools results in violence, depression, anxiety, and suicide for many young adults. Bullying behaviors follow children from primary grades, to high school, to college, and then to the workplace. Replacing those behaviors with more appropriate communication and coping skills is as essential as any “hard skill” they’ll learn in school.