"Being heard and understood using Video-Mirroring™ is fun, engaging and effective."

Honesty. Pain. Anger. Empathy.

Captured on video these emotions have the power to reach our cores, to teach lessons that transcend textbooks and lectures.

This is LiveKind™ – a whole-school program that generates excitement and learning, where the students are the “stars” and their stories become the scripts, the conversation starters, and the lessons.

Imagine bringing the transformative power of video to schools and organizations, to talk honestly and openly about mean behavior, cyber-bullying, and name-calling. Envision kids fully engaged in “making movies” that focus on the roles students take in these anti-social behaviors, guided through this process with solid curriculum and unique learning tools.

The ultimate goal of this program is to dramatically improve school climate by reducing aggression and increasing empathy. When used in partnership with other school initiatives, LiveKind™ is a powerful tool in the educators’ tool belts, to support their desire to create peaceful, productive classrooms and schools.

Real students. Real schools. Real Stories.

LiveKind™is a partnership on all levels

  • We partner with schools and organizations, to create programs that reflect their needs.
  • We select and train local college and university graduate students who work directly with our partner schools, creating built-in mentorship possibilities.
  • We bring our professional team of educators, trainers and videographers, to supervise all facets of the program. This ensures quality and the best possible outcomes for the students and their schools.

 We hear their words, see their expressions, and watch their body language. Meanness hurts.

There’s nothing that brings home the message about mean behavior like a student sharing openly about his/her experiences whether it’s the pain of the experience or the eventual coping skills that he/she employs to move beyond it. During the “Video-Mirroring™” session students engage in conversations about aggressive behavior, bullying, cyber-bullying and name-calling. The students address all the key components of bullying behavior in their own words.


LiveKind™, in part or in whole, can be adapted and integrated into any program that strives to improve the way we treat and interact with each other. The use of videos is an extremely attractive and exciting way of engaging kids. LiveKind™’s “bottom up” approach works exceedingly well.

We believe in collaboration. We also know that schools are often in need of resources and that our business model is unique. Through our non-profit board of directors and our generous corporate partners, we find the resources to deliver this program to schools and organizations at little or no cost. This approach eliminates a major barrier to implementation and enhances the likelihood of acceptance at the local level.

Please contact us to discuss how we can work with you to combine resources to positively change school climate and to eradicate mean behavior and bullying.

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