Words form relationships. People. Dreams.

The life-altering power of true conversation.

At LiveKindtm, our goal is to change the way we listen. Break down the walls. Erase the filters. Throw away the bias - and truly listen. Connect. Create honest dialogue to reduce violence, anxiety, even suicide.

LiveKindtm has been successfully decreasing bullying in schools and other organizations for years. We can prove how it works.

And no one faces a more polarizing dialogue with their community than local police. Now LiveKindtm offers a powerful tool to generate authentic two-way conversations that can build relationships and save lives.

LiveKindtm Videos. LiveKind Circle of Conversation.


LiveKind™ calls “part one” of all its programs “Video-Mirroring.” We use video as a tool to begin conversations about the topics covered in a particular video or part of one. Kids and adults learn that we all fear similarly, care similarly, react similarly … we are human together.

Kids love video and adults get past their resistance to be on camera. When you tell a kid “we are going to flip things here. We are going to make short movies in which you are the teacher. We need to film you telling us your truth. What do you think we should do to help you solve kid issues?” We explain that when we capture what they really feel and think and put it on the internet they will be giving permission to others to speak their minds and hearts.

When this method is at its best we create stunning insights for all involved.

Facilitation Method

We teach a method we call The Circle of Conversation. It is a “facilitation method.” It is about getting kids and adults to interact, talk things out, develop understanding of each other. The videos live in the Library on our website are used as conversation starters, as needed and by category. This is not math or English or Social Studies and so becomes a group exercise in which the adult ONLY facilitates. It is about feelings and honoring them. It is about what words or actions have caused sadness, hurt, anger, upset? Its about Facts, Feelings, Perspective and Motivation, Solutions and Context that can be moved to other situations. The really good news is that once we believe in the power kids have to understand their own feelings, value their own opinions, trust and believe in themselves it all becomes part of them as well as you.
Count on LiveKind™ to deliver method that will decrease anxiety, improve organizational climate, increase cooperation, decrease bias, violence, make school or whatever your organization does a safer place to be.


LiveKind™ is a 501c3. Fees paid for usage of the videos and our trainings cover our basic costs to produce professional videos and deliver the trainings. We ask organizations who use our videos and partake in our trainings to pay those out of pocket expenses. Skin in the game.

The LiveKind™ infrastructure, which includes all operations expenses, staffing, fundraising costs, the hard costs of facilities, office expenses, staff salaries are covered by tax deductible donations. Where LiveKind™ is used we invite community participation, Cause Marketing if you will, or giving back. Community businesses HAVE to depend youth becoming a healthy, dependable, considerate work force. Community businesses have an obligation to help provide safe environments to grow up in.